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Hello, I’m Kimtrese! My purpose is to journey alongside you as you do your healing work. As a military veteran, I have been exposed to diverse cultures and can identify with challenges related to this lifestyle. I carefully create supportive, nonjudgmental spaces that make it safe for you to explore the difficulties that may be preventing you from living your best life. My greatest reward as a professional helper is watching my clients go from despair to possibility.

I will aid you with releasing the ties of the past that may have attributed to today’s burdens. I will assist you in identifying and replacing learned patterns of behavior. We will identify your inner strengths and build your new “Normal” I have a practical approach in which I implement art, music and other creative avenues that treat the body, soul, and spirit. We will work on building skills in the areas of reducing stress, regulating emotions, solving problems and building healthy interpersonal relationships.

I graduated from Liberty University with a Masters degree in Human Services/Marriage and Family Counseling and a Masters degree in Professional Counseling. I am also a certified clinical trauma professional. My goal is to transform the world by helping its women heal. 

Kimtrese Slaughter, LPC, Owner/Therapist

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Do you often feel like you have no one to turn to when experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, or stress?  Or, are constantly faced with challenges that are preventing you from experiencing the joys that life has to offer? I am here to help you identify your strengths and to utilize these strengths to live your best life. Together we will work on strategies that can be utilized to help you successfully cope with life’s challenges.

I am passionate about helping others learn how to cope with life’s challenges and appropriately react to stressors that can often result in a disruption of normal daily activities. 

I am currently a Resident in Counseling in Newport News, VA, and have over 5 years of experience working with both adults and children suffering from depression, stress, anger, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and ADHD.  I focus on a client-centered and strength-based counseling approach, and will collaborate with you on effective treatment planning that is best suited to meet your needs. 

Achieving happiness and regaining a sense of normalcy can be accomplished with the right tools and having someone such as myself who is compassionate and non-judgmental, to help you discover solutions while developing a sense of empowerment.

Virginia Massey, Resident in Counseling

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Hi there! My name is Kim, and I am excited that you chose HCSW for your therapeutic journey and even more excited that I can share this experience with you. I believe that everyone has a story and deserves to be heard with an empathic ear. I am sure to provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space where you can explore heavy topics.


While seeking therapy can be scary, the healing process can be very rewarding. I provide individualized therapy in which I assist clients with navigating anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and major life transitions. With my support, you will be able to reflect on not just the mind but the body and soul. You deserve to be happy!


If you’re ready, I am ready.

Kimberly Haney, Resident in Counseling

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Sherry Calhoun graduated and received her Master of Arts in Counseling from

Regent University. Sherry has more than 20 years of experience working to help enhance and empower children and families in various settings within the community. She has five years of experience providing individual Outpatient Psychotherapy. She began working as an In-home Counselor with children, adolescents, and families in 2000. She has gained experience throughout the years, working with individuals experiencing severe depression in the capacity of Crisis Counselor. Her experiences include counseling and assisting individuals with various cognitive and psychological diagnoses from diverse backgrounds.


Since 2007, she has served in leadership as a Clinical Supervisor and supported other community professionals to provide ethical collaboration with individuals and families receiving counseling services. Sherry believes in the power of therapeutic relationships. She believes trust and respect in the professional relationship between therapist and client are essential in the treatment and help to meet needs and goals.


She engages and motivates her clients to gain the skills and coping strategies to understand and manage stress, anxiety, and other difficulties that life can bring. Sherry introduces skills to build healthy ways to reduce stress, problem-solving, emotional self-regulation, and interpersonal and social skills. Her therapy style is compassionate, informal, and receptive to the person’s needs. Sherry enjoys helping others using strength-based approaches and integrating various treatment therapies to meet the needs and goals of her clients.


She guides her practice utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, used in sequence with other therapies, which is helpful for treatment. She has training in trauma-informed care, which guides her when working with her clients. Sherry promotes a cooperative and caring approach while working with clients. Hope, strength, and healing are encouraged. Sherry has a love for pets, especially dogs. In her leisure time, she loves

meteorology and studying weather patterns.

Sherry Calhoun, LPC

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