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Get started in 3 Easy STEPS…


Complete the referral form.

  • Be sure to add the correct Policy and group numbers from your insurance card.
  • Please don’t forget to enter the contact number for your insurance company (behavioral health) from the back of your card.
  • Click here for Referral Form


Privacy and Cancellation Policy 

Please read my entire Privacy and Cancellation Policy, this document will assist you with gaining an all around understanding of your confidentiality rights and my cancellation expectations. 



Please prepare yourself for therapy by:

  • Taking a deep breath
  • Tell yourself that you now have the support you need to heal
  • Write down any questions you may have concerning therapy or your presenting problem.
  • Sit back and wait for me to contact you knowing that you have made the first step on your journey of healing and restoration.

I will give you a call within 24 hours of you complete your referral form.